Relaunch of B2B digital marketing for the manufacturer of professional hair care products that boosted its sales by 400%

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Perfleor - Professional cosmetics
Production and development of unique professional hair care products that solve 12 most common hair problems.


Creation and implementation of a new digital marketing and lead generation strategy that would increase B2B sales.

About Client

Perfleor is a hair care products manufacturer that creates unique formulas for products containing perftororganic (PFO) compounds.

PFO enhances permeability of skin and hair cuticles helping active components and oxygen reach deeper and make a greater effect solving hair and scalp problems.

Perfleor offers a variety of products for home and professional use. Their common B2B clients are hair salons, self-employed hair stylists, trichology clinics, wholesale and retail companies.

Starting point

In the beginning, Perfleor acquired new partners mostly via organic traffic, recommendations and offline events. The company ran a mediocre Instagram account, a website with an online store and B2C sales with PPC advertising.


1. I had to provide a workable solution in the nearest time, so that they could load sales department
2. None of the website pages were good enough for paid traffic
3. The company had limited information about its target audience and customer journey: from products and brands discovery to purchasing and beyond

The beginning: strategy

The key demand of the company was to boost online customer acquisition.

Our online marketing strategy developed for the client included several focus areas:

  1. Creation of separate landing pages for various products and offers
  2. Lead generation for each product/offer
  3. Upgrade of the website and online store
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Client acquisition via free online webinars
  6. Email marketing

Target audience research

Here are the steps of the target audience research we did for this client:

  1. Divided the clients into segments (in cooperation with the sales department.
  2. Analyzed interviews, customer stories, forums, social pages, etc.
  3. Identified goals, pain points and dreams of each segment of the target audience regarding professional products they use.

See the whole research result

Most of the potential customers are motivated by raising income and outmatching competitors. They try to improve their service by gaining new knowledge, trying new approaches and discovering new products and methods. To choose a new product, they watch and analyze other professionals’ experiences, proven results and scientific research (for doctors).

The potential customers also spend much time on Instagram and are highly involved in their colleagues’ content.

Strategy Implementation

Facebook / Instagram Ads

1) Facebook Lead forms

As the client needed to generate more leads as soon as possible, I decided to start with Facebook Lead Ads, while the development of landing pages was in progress. Another advantage of this approach was that I could make cheap tests of several marketing hypotheses and see if the target audience responds to it.

Like in many other cases, the cost of leads acquired via Lead Ads was quite low, but the leads were cold: one can convert them into customers but it requires skillful work of sales managers.

2) Facebook Conversion Ads

Created three different landing pages for different products and customer segments

  1. General B2B cooperation offers for all types of hair professionals
  2. Professional plex system for discoloration and dyeing hair service
  3. Professional trichology cosmetics kit for hair salons, cosmetology and trichology clinics
  4. Free webinar registration page

{мокапы / скрины продуктовых лендингов}

The launch of full format landing pages improved the situation and converted leads into customers much better. The qualified lead-to-sale conversion increased to 20-30% depending on the product and marketing offer.

It's important to note that a great contribution to these results was made by the professional development of the sales team during our work together. It's another proof that close collaboration between marketing and sales teams is crucial for promoting any kind of business.

{скрин FB плексы}
{скрин FB стань партнером}
{скрин FB трихология} ***

3) Webinars and education: Expertise sells

Hair care specialists usually don’t focus on peculiarities of trichology, formulas of hair treatment products and authentic methods. That’s why they often pay attention to well-shown and explained products; they make their decisions based on social proof. One can use this fact and share their expertise via teaching: this can make you stand out from other competitors who might ignore this educational aspect.

That's the reason why offline and online educational events are so effective when selling complex products.

Our solution was to organize zoom webinars and offline educational events on both trichology and hair treatment issues.

{мокапы / скрины вебинарных-семинарных лендингов}

{скрин FB вебинары трихология}
{скрин FB вебинары бьюти}
{скрин FB живой семинар}

Business results

After one year of cooperation with Perfleor, we’ve created a modern, scalable, and profitable digital marketing department and sales funnel that acquires and retains B2B clients.

The marketing strategy consists of the following steps:

1. Website with an online shop
2. Three specialized product landing pages
3. Three landing page templates for online and offline events
4. Stable online ad campaigns
5. CRM system
6. Customer journey analytics
7. Email marketing
8. Instagram profile

It gave the following results:

2374 B2B cooperation contacts
3348 B2B webinars registrations
400% sales growth

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